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Elevate Sales Efficiency with Powerful Features

Round Robin to Available Reps

Set work hours for each team member (eg: Weekdays 9-5pm) and if someone calls in sick you can take them off the roster with one-click...and easily put them back. RouterJet ensures you fairly send leads to reps that are working today. Simple!

screenshot of Round Robin to Available Reps

Alerts from Email, WhatsApp, SMS or Slack

Choose the type of notification that works best for your sales team. Make it easy for your team to respond to leads from anywhere.

screenshot of Alerts from Email, WhatsApp, SMS or Slack


Never let leads go cold again! If the assigned sales agent doesn’t accept the lead, RouterJet will re-assign the lead to an available agent so they can respond immediately. Escalation time can be customized to fit your business needs.

screenshot of Escalation

Custom Routing Rules

Send leads to salespeople based on specific lead attributes (eg: location, price). For example send all leads from California to Mary + John and send leads from New York to Josh.

screenshot of Custom Routing Rules

Measure Performance

Get a grip on performance: How long it takes your team to claim new leads? How many leads come in when your team is offline?

screenshot of Measure Performance

Weighted Distribution

Assign a weight to each agent. Higher weighted agents will receive more leads. Reward high performers by giving the more leads. Limit deal to low performers or new employees.

screenshot of Weighted Distribution


5 star reviews from our customers

“As a Pipedrive Expert Partner, RouterJet is a tool that I have recommended many of my clients use for automatic deal routing and SMS escalation. The user interface, the ease of use, and a very friendly/attentive support team has made my (and my clients') experience with RouterJet a pleasure. Highly recommended!”

Matt Isales
Pipedrive Expert Partner

“Love this app! We have lots of inbounds coming in these days and RouterJet helps us a great deal in getting the right lead to the right sales rep based on their availability and timezone! The RouterJet team is super responsive to support requests as well.”

Nick de Zoete picture
Nick de Zoete
Sales Development Lead
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$10/agent each month

$30/month minimum

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  • Round Robin Deal Assignment
  • Alerts via Email, SMS or WhatsApp
  • Escalation
  • Agent Scheduling
  • Monthly Reports


$20/agent each month

$60/month minimum

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  • All Basic features
  • Alerts via Email, SMS, WhatsApp and Slack
  • Faster Escalation
  • Weighted Assignment
  • Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reports
  • Unlimited Rules
You are billed based on the number of agents who actively receive leads, not the total number of users. For instance, if you have 100 users in Pipedrive but only 5 of them are receiving leads, you will only be charged for those 5 agents.

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