How to Route Deals in Pipedrive

RouterJet is an app for Pipedrive that allows you to automatically assign a lead or deal to the right sales agent. No programming is required to make a rule that will get your deals to the right group of sales agents. Rules can be made based on the data you have in Pipedrive, even data in custom fields.

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How to Make your first Rule in RouterJet:

1) Login + Setup

  • Navigate to
  • Click Sign in with Pipedrive and follow the instructions to connect your Pipedrive account

2) Activate Agents

Any Pipedrive users who need to automatically get assigned deals or leads should be activated.

Screenshot of the RouterJet app

3) Make Your First Rule

Screenshot of the RouterJet app

Once you have made your first rule then make some test deals in Pipedrive to confirm that the new deals that come in are being assigned fairly to the agents who are on shift.

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Until next time…thanks from the RouterJet team 🙏🙏🙏


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