How to Get Trulia Leads into Pipedrive

In this post, we’ll show you how you can get your Trulia leads into Pipedrive. Enjoy :)


  • Pipedrive
  • Trulia Account
  • Zapier
  • Zapier Email Parser

Duration: About 10 minutes

Step 1: Connect Email Parser to Zapier Account

Go to and log in using your Zapier credentials then click Authorize.

Parser to Zapier

Click Create Mailbox.

Parser Zapier Mailbox

This is the email address that you will send your Trulia leads to.

Trulia Zapier Email Address

Step 2: Test Parser Email Address

Send a Trulia test email to the address that was created by the parser. The test email will typically contain the following elements:

  • Subject: New Lead
  • First Name: John
  • Last Name: Smith
  • Phone: 510 688 5576
  • Email:

Confirm the test email has been processed by the parser.

Email Parser By Zapier Test Email

Step 3: Select Email Extraction Criteria

Highlight each item you want to save e.g. ‘John’ and enter a name in the popup.

A suggested naming convention is shown below - but use whatever works for your business.

Email Extraction Criteria

Step 4: Create Zap with Mailparser

In your Email Parser account, click the use this app in Zapier link.

Zap With Mail Parser

Choose the Email Parser by Zapier App and the New Email Trigger Event, then click Continue.

Email Parser By Zapier New Email

Choose your Email Parser Account when prompted and click CONTINUE.

Select the Mailbox and click CONTINUE.

Click TEST AND REVIEW to verify data pull.

Email Parser Mailbox Test


Step 5: Create Person in Pipedrive from Email Parser Data

Next, configure what you want the Zap to do.

Select the Pipedrive App and the Create Person Action Event.

Click CONTINUE and sign into your Pipedrive account if prompted.

Pipedrive Email Parser Create Person


Under Customize Person click the + button and select First Name and Last Name as the dynamic Name for your contact type.

Pipedrive Parser Customize Person

Select the parse output Email and Phone Number for the relevant fields and click CONTINUE.

Step 6: Create Pipedrive Deal with Imported Person

Click the + icon to add another step, then choose the Action Event Create Deal.

Create Pipeline Deal

Add a Deal title ‘First Name Last Name // Trulia’ (or whatever you want in your Deal title).

Customize Deal

Specify what Stage you want the Deal created in by selecting Lead In (Pipeline) (or whatever stage you make sense for your process)

Pipedrive Deal Stage

Add the Person you created in Step 2 to the Deal:

Click the Person dropdown arrow and select Use a Custom Value (Advanced).

Pipedrive Custom Value

Then add the Person ID

Pipedrive Person ID

Click Save.



Pipedrive Zap Test

Confirm all the Deal data is correct. Then you’re all set.

Click the ON toggle

Zapier On

Your Zap is now live. Congrats!

Step 7: Check Deals are Working

In Pipedrive go to the Deals page and confirm the Zap correctly imported your test deals.


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