December 2019 Community Roundup

Hi Folks,

We hit 2500 members in December!! Massive milestone for the group.

Lots of action in the group this month, so enjoy the round up and happy holidays!

Got feedback/requests? Email me I’m always trying to make this roundup better.



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Top Conversations

Top conversations that you probably should check out:

  • Sachin developed a cool new app to sync SMS, WhatsApp and Email so you can send it all from one place within Pipedrive!  Try it out here

  •  Austin wants to know if anyone ever figured out how to make a round robin for owner assignment.  See the replies and video walk through here

  • Paul’s got a question for the PD community: what systems do you use after you complete the deal in Pipedrive?  Do you have an answer for him? Join the conversation here

  • Mike van der Valk needed help from the PD community and they came out in spades.  See how the community supported him here

  • Tony needed a way to connect Pipedrive and Quickbook.  While Zapier was an option, SyncQ proved to be an incredible resource.  Read the thread here

  • Have you ever had Pipedrive accidentally add all your contacts from Google?  Patrick has! How do you stop this from happening? Check it out here

  • Scott polled the PD community to find out what people thought of the VOiP systems that integrate with Pipedrive.  See what the community thinks here

  • Todd wants to know what people use for live chat with Pipedrive.  Apparently PD has live chat for LeadBooster in their roadmap! Check out the whole thread here

  • Karl’s a bit fed up asking when he’ll get the feature to tag fellow employees and keep them updated.  Do you feel the same? Add your voice to the conversation here

  • Pipedrive released a LeadBooster feature update!  They’ve added Numerical and Address custom fields support as well as another handy feature involving addresses.  See the latest here

  • How do you store phone numbers with extensions?  Jonathan, Darek and Jeff chime in with their methods.  Join the conversation here

  • Denise is a psychologist who studies personality traits in various sales roles. She’s super excited to join the PD community.  Welcome to Pipedrive, Denise! Find out her experience here

  • Project Manager Nuno wants to know about your experiences with Workflow Automation.  Do you love it? Think it needs some improvement? Let him know here

  •  Nick wants to integrate automated SMS services alongside his Pipedrive CRM.  Christopher steps in to help out. Read the thread here

Interesting Blogs Posts

That’s all folks! Please let me know if you have any feedback on this update…useful/not useful? How can we make it better? 

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