February 2020 Community Roundup

Hi Folks,

Here’s the Feb community Roundup. Lots of interesting threads to catch up on, hope you enjoy it!



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Top Conversations

Top conversations that you probably should check out:

  • The Marketing → Sales handoff is always tricky. Check out this flow chart for the handoff process. Does it look right? Anything missing? 👉here

  • Pipedrive’s Sales Community is kicking off in Feb. To kick-start things PD is exporting everything from the Facebook group to their new Community platform and is reaching out to see if anyone objects to their posts being copied.  Let them know 👉here

  • Kixie vs. JustCall—which do you prefer?  Or could Pipedrive native dialer be another great option?  See what the PD community has to say 👉here 

  • Ian wants to know what everyone’s favorite Pipedrive-Zapier integrations are.  Google calendar? Lob.com? Add your voice to the mix 👉here

  • Alexander is frustrated with the email formatting problem and is looking for some answers.  Mike from Pipedrive gives the update on PD’s improvements. Check it out 👉here

  • Aivar from Pipedrive is looking for input on PD’s notifications.  What changes do you want to see? Chime in or schedule a call with him 👉here

  • Ken has a question for the PD community: GetAccept or PandaDoc for Esign?  Erica loves PandaDoc while Keegan prefers HelloSign, but a couple of other options are thrown out as well.  See what they have to say 👉here

  • Devon wants some tips on using PD for real estate.  The PD community comes to her rescue with tips, screenshots, and even a slideshow presentation!  Check it out 👉here 

  • Bernd has a problem using Mailchimp to handle multiple email addresses attached to one person.  Do you have the same problem? Join the conversation 👉here

  • Leonardo is looking for a free automation tool to integrate Pipedrive with Google Docs.  Christopher has a suggestion that just might work. Read the thread 👉here

  • Is there a page on Pipedrive’s website that displays new features and improvements?  Something may be coming down the line soon! Learn more about it 👉here

  • Julie wants to know if there’s a way to do bulk upload for future activity.  Michael swoops in with the answer! Check it out 👉here

  • How do you view a report breaking leads by SOURCE for 2019?  The PD community suggests custom fields, multiple pipelines, and insights.  Read the thread 👉here

  • James has a question: after setting up automated emails when a deal is won, can you add a URL for the deal?  Zapier may provide the solution. See how it works 👉here 

  • Mateo has a Pipedrive client looking for an integrated email and SMS marketing campaign.  The PD community favors Nectar Desk and Justcall—do you have a favorite? Join the conversation 👉here


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