January 2020 Community Roundup

Pipedrive Community Roundup — January 2020

Hi Folks,

Welcome to 2020! Hope you enjoyed some down-time over the holidays.

It’s been a busy start to the year in the PD group! Hopefully this roundup will get you up to speed 👍



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Top Conversations

Top conversations that you probably should check out:

  • Erica is brainstorming creating business blueprints for Pipedrive.  What are your thoughts on her process flow charts? Join the conversation here

  • Can you temporarily hide a stage in pipeline?  The PD community chimes in with a few ways that might work.  Check it out here

  • Miriam is looking for an alternative to Mailchimp.  Birgit and Christian offer up a few suggestions that might integrate well with PD.  Read more here

  • What do you do when a prospect wants to opt out of being contacted?  The PD community has a couple of ideas of how to proceed. Add your voice here

  • Matt needs a call and SMS system that integrates with PD.  Justcall seems to be the consensus, but do you have one that works for you?  Let the group know here

  • Michael wants an automatic process to continue sending emails to leads long after they enter their info.  The answer may lie in the upcoming “wait” feature! Learn more here

  • Can you schedule an email to be sent out at a later time?  You’ll be able to soon enough! Find out more here

  • Joshua is looking to simplify and save money on integration.  Can you replace Zapier with Piesync, or do you need both? Join the conversation here

  • Nick is looking for a good resource for automated integrations from Pipedrive to Quickbooks.  Ken’s got a suggestion! Test it out here

  • Are you looking to measure customer satisfaction?  Katarina fills the PD community in on a new Pipedrive integration called Nicereply.  Chat with her about it here

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That’s all folks! Please let me know if you have any feedback on this update…useful/not useful? How can we make it better? 

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