March 2020 Community Roundup

Hi Folks,

Here’s the March community Roundup. Lots of interesting threads to catch up on, hope you enjoy it!

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Top Conversations

Top conversations that you probably should check out:

  • Mike just announced Pipedrive’s new community forum!  There’s even a bunch of different sections for individual countries and early access to new beta features.  Learn more about the new forum 👉here

  • Nicolás wants an integrated round-robin lead distribution system for Pipedrive and some great solutions are shared 👉here

  • New App: DocuSign//Pipedrive integration. Check it out 👉here

  • Jana’s looking for beta testers to test out Pipedrive’s new Gmail Add-on.  Any takers? Take part 👉here

  • Don is NOT a fan of Salesforce or Pipedrive.  Some in the PD community agree, although most find Pipedrive to be a good fit.  Join the conversation 👉here

  • Mike wants to know if you can make custom fields that are user-specific.  Apparently not, although the community does come up with a few alternatives. Read about it 👉 here

  • Matteo is looking for a tool to make sending proposals to customers via email a little bit easier.  David recommends SignRequest, although a couple of other options are offered up too. Check it out 👉 here

  • Jøran is pleased that Microsoft is releasing a repository, which Pipedrive has yet to do.  See what the community thinks 👉 here

  • James is having trouble with the sales KPI that lists the number of demos booked.  Ricardo may have the solution! Learn more 👉 here

  • Steven is having issues with Kixie and is looking for an alternative.  Andrew uses NectarDesk, but the general consensus seems to be JustCall.  Add your opinion 👉 here

  • Noelle is looking for a task manager integration. Asana and Meisertask seem to be the most popular, but the community uses quite a few!  Read about it 👉 here

  • Mike likes Pipedrive’s calling feature, although he doesn’t love the audio.  Do you have issues with it? Join the conversation 👉 here

  • Damian wants an app that finds and verifies email addresses.  Eric likes voilanorbert, while James uses Learn more 👉 here

  • James has a request: will Pipedrive allow users to turn off the rotting feature?  The PD community backs him up. Add your voice to the mix 👉 here

  • Daniel wants to make automated deals when someone books an appointment.  Casey uses Zapier, but Darek offers an option within Pipedrive. Check it out 👉 here

  • Joel Elster created a poll: what’s your favorite chatbox?  Leadbooster is topping the list, but Intercom is closer behind!  Join the poll 👉 here

  • Rodrigo wants to receive deals updates from other users in SLACK.  The PD community recommends following deals to get notifications. Read about it 👉 here

Interesting Blogs Posts

Got junior sales reps or SDRs? Give them this post on the 7 Habits of Successful Sales Development Rep.

  • Amit shares his CRM selection process and check-list ✅in this post.

  • Is your team working from home? Wanna learn more about hosting remote meetings?  Check out this Youtube video playlist of short videos to learn more.

  • This interesting article from Medium gives you an informative guide to using email technology in Pipedrive.

  • More efficiency equals more revenue.  Read this cool blog post to learn about the importance of separating your sales and marketing process.

  • David Zisner posted a great Facebook Live video with the head of Integromat.  Watch and learn!

  • Do you use Mailigen for email marketing automation?  Pipedrive just acquired it! Read their blog post about it.

  • Want to know more about insights and reports offered through Pipedrive?  Check out their newest updates about the features they offer.

  • The Pipedrive mobile app offers an Audio Notes feature for taking and attaching audio recordings.  Read all about how this feature can benefit you.

  • Don’t know how to give feedback?  Now you do! Check out Dan’s post on LinkedIn about giving proper feedback.

That’s all folks! Please let me know if you have any feedback on this update…useful/not useful? How can we make it better?


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