Round Robin for Pipedrive

Learn how to automatically assign leads fairly to your sales agents. You can assign a specific set of agents to a certain type of deal, and then those deals will be fairly assigned to agents that are on shift. This video and checklist below cover how to set up round-robin lead routing for Pipedrive. If you have any questions, ping us

1. Login + Setup

  • Navigate to
  • Click Sign in with Pipedrive and follow the instructions to connect your Pipedrive account

2. Add Agents

Go to the Agents page. Activate all the agents that will be receiving leads from RouterJet.

3. Add Rules

Add your first Rule on the Rules page. This will define how leads will be assigned. Make sure you choose which agents should get deals. You may also want to set up conditions for when the rule should be applied.

4. Automagically Assign Leads 👌

Now you're set up; you should see leads being evenly assigned in Pipedrive according to the criteria you have created in RouterJet.


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